Our Brand Pillars

Our Brand Pillars

Children’s Voice International is a trusted platform to empower survivors of child trafficking to thrive. Within our organization, we carefully selected these words to represent our mission and to help capture the essence of our brand beliefs and principles as a means to inform how we execute and with whom we partner.

We chose the core words of our mission for the following reasons:

  • Trusted – survivors of human trafficking need trust in their lives to help continue their recovery.
  • Empower – survivors also need to be confident in how to pursue their goals and pursuits.
  • Thrive – we strongly feel individuals should have the opportunity to pursue what makes them tick and not necessarily impose society’s measurements of success on them. In short, we want them to thrive on their own terms, not other people’s terms.
  • Platform – we can’t do everything ourselves so we are focused on connecting like-minded organizations together and to reach out to such organizations in a value-added way in part to help their constituents access our scholarship program.

So as we expand our operations and build our partnerships, we are looking for individuals and organizations who embody these principles, just as our board of directors and volunteers do today.

And we feel the principles of trust are particularly important today. In the world where QAnon is tainting the mission of so many legitimate organizations involved in human trafficking, we feel especially called to partner with trusted organizations.

In this fashion, we will go a step further in information we share. We will take extra steps to verify the source and intentions behind organizations whose data, statistics, and updates we share. We will also train our social media teams and our volunteers to verify sources and partnerships.

In this world where information flows freely and technolog is democratizing all types or organizations, we feel it is our duty to stand out as a trusted platform and empower survivors of human trafficking to thrive.

Without such stability in a tumultuous time, recovery can be very difficult.