Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

At CVI, we believe in the importance of mentors. A mentor’s job is to provide to the mentee guidance, advice, feedback and support as well as serving as their role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate and ally; helping them to become better versions of themselves.

CVI’s board is composed of three exceptional, high achieving people who all forged their paths through their determination, skills, intelligence, and the help of others. They could not be where they are today without the help of mentors. This was the inspiration for our CVI Mentorship Program.

Each member of our board serves as a mentor to high school-aged survivors. Our mentors’ goals are as follows:

  • Take stock of current education path
  • Work with student to build objectives based on interests and area of passion
  • Establish long-term path for student
  • Mentor them on career path and leadership skills
  • Help provide mentorship to drive student to constantly strive to achieve path

Our mentors are also working to build a network of coaches to be able to take on more candidates and find new candidates for the CVI scholarship program.