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Our Story

CVI was founded by Joe Saunders in the greater Washington DC area with a call to duty. Joe was made aware of a young lady by the name of Anastasiya Sofia Petrova. Her particular situation was unique to Joe but something that happens far too much. At 15, she was duped into traveling to Russia by her mother. Her US Green Card application was canceled, and she was mistreated by her biological father in Siberia, leaving Sofia homeless and fighting to survive. CVI was formed to help Sofia along with the growing number of individuals just like her. Today, CVI is led by Joe and a team with steadfast dedication and passion of those they serve.

After escaping Siberia, Sofia completed an online high school degree, and is graduating this year (2020) from College from an Accredited British University. Her immigration paperwork has been approved and she will be moving back to US within 12 months. CVI is excited to welcome Sofia back, and is looking to serve other such people with open arms whose lives have been impacted.

Board of Directors

CVI’s vision and execution is led by an experienced board of directors with deep experience in charities, children and leading successful non-profits.

Joe Saunders


Jonathan Fishbeck

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