Children's Voice International


CVI specializes in Aftercare of trafficked children

At Children’s Voice, we believe that education is a critical component of Aftercare. Combating human trafficking is addressed in three phases:

Prevention: The first line of defense against trafficking is prevention. This involves raising awareness about the dangers of trafficking, educating vulnerable communities, and providing resources to help them avoid being trafficked.

Intervention: When trafficking has already taken place, it is important to intervene as quickly as possible to rescue the victims and provide them with support and care. This may involve working with law enforcement to rescue children who have been trafficked, providing medical and psychological support, and working with families and communities to help them heal.

Aftercare: The final phase of addressing trafficking is Aftercare. This is where Children’s Voice plays a critical role. We provide long-term support and care to children who have been trafficked, including psychological support and, importantly, education.

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