My True Calling

My True Calling

Today is a happy day for me. I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined the Board of Advisors with Children’s Voice International in Washington, DC. CVI helps trafficked children heal and thrive in society. Our vision is to help end the perpetual cycle of human trafficking by supporting the educational and personal success of each child and creating partnerships to expand wholistic care together on one platform.

The awesome human in this picture, Joe Saunders, founded CVI in his copious spare time, between building his cybersecurity start-up and raising his family, out of a desire to help a teenage girl in his VA community who was abandoned, betrayed, and ultimately trafficked. You can learn more about Sofia’s incredible story at

I’m grateful and honored that the Universe has brought us together to do this much needed work to offer healing, hope, and opportunity to kids who have been abused and exploited, and partner with other inspiring organizations in the rescue, recovery, mental health, healthcare, and law enforcement space who are dedicating their time, energy, and resources to end what I can consider to be this most heinous crimes against humanity.

We are creating awareness around this difficult to discuss topic and raising funds so teens who have begun their healing process can go to college and have meaningful opportunities when they graduate.

Please join us in this fight by making a contribution if you are able, as each and every one of us comes together to solve this most critical issue.