Founding of Children’s Voice International

Founding of Children’s Voice International

Children’s Voice International (CVI) was founded in 2014 to help children who are victims of trafficking. Inspired by the grit and determination of children who persevere even when adults or parents stop supporting them – or when parents are not available to provide – we set out to build a trusted platform to empower survivors of child trafficking to thrive.

Our founder, Joe Saunders, always felt he needed to do something to help other children get past barriers in their way. As a child, Joe enjoyed school, sports, and social activities. But there was always something in the back of his mind: not all children have the same opportunities he enjoyed.

In fact, not even all of Joe’s siblings had the same opportunities. One of his brothers had Down’s Syndrome and had a very difficult time doing even basic activities. Through various complications, he suffered and died when only five years old.

As a result, Joe always appreciated how much easier his and his other siblings’ paths have been. They had much support and opportunity without barriers to thrive. He credits his mother who guided all the other kids to earn their education and graduate from college. One day, Joe asked his mother how she helped six kids succeed through education. Her answer, “never give up.”

So, to honor his brother who did not have the same opportunity to thrive, Joe set out to help survivors of child trafficking. Joe wanted to empower kids to realize their own dreams and to thrive even if their own parents are not able to provide.

Since this founding, CVI has helped over a dozen children in difficult situations, such as

  • Living on the streets of Novisibirsk in Siberia – a half a world away from home without speaking Russian;
  • Separated from parents at the border trying to find their way;
  • Offering food and clothing to children without parents to provide for them; and,
  • Helping children in orphanages in South America.

Today we have set out to build a trusted platform to help survivors of trafficking to thrive. One area where we can be most beneficial for children – and where we can make a unique impact – is to help children earn their college degree through our scholarship program.

As Board member Veronica Sommer has said, “supporting the educational and personal success of each child with expanded holistic care can be the difference-maker.”

So please join our trusted platform and help us empower survivors of child trafficking to thrive.