Focus on Giving Back

For decades, I’ve had a large focus on giving back

It’s with great pleasure that I announce my involvement with Children’s Voice International, a non-profit with a focus to ending human trafficking. For many years I have searched for a path to give back to children. By joining CVIs Board of Directors, this search is over and I’m able to fulfill this aspiration.

Our founder and chairman, Joe Saunders, has started something special. We made a meaningful connection professionally and that was compounded when he shared his philanthropic journey.

I was once given really great advice, “if you’re passionate about a cause and you can dedicate the time it will take to fulfill a commitment, go for it because the reward is worth it.”

I have lived by this with the boards in which I serve and am honored to bring my expertise and experience to this one. We talk a lot in business about becoming a platform. Having limited knowledge in the space of human trafficking I was truly taken back by some of the facts of the matter:

  • 40.3 Million people are trafficked worldwide
  • 800,000 children go missing each year just in the U.S.
  • 71% are women and girls

Looking further into the problem, we shifted to looking at the solutions. We recognized something that is very common, a number of disparate organizations doing 1 or 2 things really well. Solving one piece of the problem.

This was true of CVI and their focus on scholarships and basic needs for trafficked children. Beginning with the end in mind, we identified an opportunity as a board to lead with our scholarship program educating victims in order for them to have a better chance for success. Then building a platform to realize our vision – to end human trafficking.

We knew it would take the efforts of many and by making CVI a platform where we can connect the amazing organizations that currently exist together, we could start to make a multifaceted impact and combine the amazing efforts of so many.

I’m humbled to serve and we will remain steadfast in our efforts to help those impacted and prevent others from ever being impacted, both domestically and internationally.