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Basic Needs

Children in crisis situations often need food, clothing, and temporary housing. Children’s Voice International organizes clothing and food drives and provides temporary financial assistance for crisis situations to help secure temporary housing (2-3 days).

We work with children to understand their basic needs and provide them some temporary relief and comfort.

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Immigration Support

For children who have experienced abandonment, neglect, coercion, or exile and need to seek citizenship status in the United States, Children’s Voice International will provide administrative support of the application process by coordinating the collection of documents, paying for application fees, and providing introductions to immigration attorneys.

One current opportunity is to assist detained migrant children who are in temporary detention centers, often without family or loved ones.

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Scholarship Program

Children’s Voice International offers annual scholarship support based on demonstrated need and matching specific criteria for children seeking high school or college education.

Children will need to apply for these scholarships on an annual basis and Children’s Voice International will award scholarship money on a case-by-case basis for those who meet the program’s requirements.

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